Whatever the Fuck We Want

Whatever the Fuck We Want

Jan 03, 2024

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, 03 January, 2024-Feminism is a social, political, and cultural movement that advocates for the equality of the sexes, challenging and seeking to dismantle systemic barriers and gender-based discrimination. Rooted in the belief that women should have the same rights and opportunities as men, feminism strives to address and rectify historical and ongoing injustices, promoting a more inclusive and just society. Feminism is not about hating men, being better than men, or eschewing femininity.


Historically, feminism has evolved through various waves, each responding to the socio-political context of its time. The first wave, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, focused on legal issues such as suffrage and property rights. The second wave, emerging in the 1960s and 1970s, broadened its scope to encompass issues like reproductive rights, workplace discrimination, and societal expectations. The third wave, beginning in the 1990s, embraced diversity and intersectionality, acknowledging that women's experiences vary based on factors like race, class, and sexual orientation.


One of feminism's key goals is to challenge and deconstruct patriarchal structures that perpetuate gender-based inequalities. This involves dismantling stereotypes, fighting against gender-based violence, and advocating for policies that promote equality in areas such as education, employment, and healthcare. While progress has been made, challenges persist, highlighting the ongoing need for feminist activism and advocacy to create a world where individuals of all genders can thrive without limitations based on societal expectations. Feminism is not just a movement for women but a call for a more equitable and just society for all.


One of our iCONS+, entitled ‘Whatever the Fuck We Want’ intricately explores the theme of Feminism.  It was created as a tribute to feminist trailblazers, both historical and contemporary, encompassing the realms of artistry and literature. Its purpose is to ignite awareness and foster dialogue about the role of feminism in a society where women's interests have often been undervalued and their creative ambitions marginalized.