There Are Zippers. Then There’s Raccagni.

There Are Zippers. Then There’s Raccagni.

Jan 02, 2024

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, 02 January, 2024-There are zippers, and then there’s Raccagni. Founded in 1983, Raccagni has redefined the art of zipper craftsmanship, becoming a beacon for luxury fashion houses worldwide. Nestled in Lombardy, Italy, this family-run business intertwines tradition with innovation, championing local community support and eco-friendly practices.


Raccagni’s bespoke process spans three weeks, ensuring exacting standards from start to finish. Solid brass teeth undergo a meticulous polishing within precision sanding cubes, resulting in a seamless, jam-free glide. This unique procedure sets Raccagni zippers apart, offering unparalleled shine and smoothness.


Crucial elements, sliders, and pullers, are cast from Zamac—a durable zinc alloy precisely molded for longevity. Raccagni’s commitment to in-house production extends to machinery and molds, maintaining stringent quality control through tests for heat, humidity, and tarnishing resistance. An invisible coating safeguards zippers from leather goods’ chemicals, ensuring long-term corrosion resistance.


All zippers featured on our iCONS+ are exclusively supplied by Raccagni, a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing the utmost in quality and craftsmanship.