True Empowerment

True Empowerment

Jan 17, 2024

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, 17 January, 2024-What does the concept of empowerment truly entail? Originally rooted in socio-political contexts, the term empowerment emerged as a means of providing a voice to disenfranchised groups such as blacks, women, and the LGBTQ+ community. True empowerment transcends superficial elements like fashion choices and cosmetics; it is a profound process that involves advocating for fundamental human rights, engaging in the democratic process, and striving for social and economic advancement.


Empowerment, at its core, is about the substantive actions that lead to meaningful change. Casting a vote, actively participating in the fight for basic human rights, and working towards upward mobility are critical components of empowerment. It is not defined by the brands we choose or the latest beauty trends; it is a transformative force that challenges systemic inequalities and dismantles barriers to equality.


Contrary to the marketing narratives perpetuated by luxury brands, empowerment is not a facade that can be achieved through the acquisition of fashionable items or cosmetics. Gender inequality cannot be concealed with the application of the newest shades of foundation. True progress in the journey towards equality is achieved through concrete actions, not consumerist gestures.


While the portrayal of strong and empowered females in media may inspire a sense of empowerment, it is essential to acknowledge that society has not yet reached a state of true equality. The illusion of empowerment created by superficial symbols, such as "empowering" lipstick shades, does not contribute to substantial progress. Instead, achieving a seat in the senate or holding positions of influence within political structures are tangible steps towards dismantling the existing power imbalances.


Empowerment extends beyond the surface level and requires active engagement in political, social, and economic spheres. It is a collective effort to challenge and redefine societal norms, ensuring that disenfranchised groups have a genuine voice in shaping their futures. True empowerment lies in dismantling systemic barriers and pursuing avenues that lead to lasting societal change, not in the ephemeral allure of cosmetic enhancements or consumerist trends.


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