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iCONS+ Wearable Leather Sculpture
Shoulder Bag / Cross-Body / Backpack

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Edition Size /600 +10 A.P.,
Each signed, stamped, titled and dated in pencil with CUiRASÉX blind-stamp


This exceptional piece serves as the foundation of the entire iCONS+ series, a signature wearable sculpture/bag that exudes creativity, luxury, and idiosyncrasy. Crafted from exquisite golden yellow hand-boarded Madras vegetable tanned goatskin, the bag boasts an all-over digital print of a striking cluster of spots and stripes.


The bag’s design is further accentuated by a “teardrop” facial marking, which runs symmetrically from the inner corner of the eye down to the month, perfectly capturing the distinctive features of the ultra-rare King Cheetah, found only in sub-Saharan Africa. Adding to its charm, the bag is adorned with a pair of padded wings on the back, lending it an air of elegance and charm.


The bag is embellished with a pair of hand-polished, mirror-finished 316L stainless steel ‘hands’ shaped like a Morningstar, a signature emblem of the iCONS+ series. The bag is secured with a smooth Raccagni silver-tone zipper and comes with a pocket with an invisible magnetic closure at the front. The interior of the bag is fully lined in electric blue recycled cotton twill and has a small goatskin patch pocket. The artisan mark “E” and year of production mark “A” are stamped on the back of the right zipper stopper.


Versatile and functional, this bag can be worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag with a single shoulder strap, or as a backpack with double shoulder straps. Alternatively, it can also be displayed as a stunning art object, showcasing the exceptional craftsmanship and unique design that make it an extraordinary collectible.


H20 x W14 x D10 cm (8” x 5.5” x 4”)
Exterior: 100% Hand-boarded Madras goatskin
Interior: One goatskin patch pocket
100% Recycled cotton twill lining
Front flap pocket with magnetic closure
Two adjustable shoulder straps
Hand-polished mirror finished 316L stainless steel hardware
Required 45 hours for one artisan to make
Cross-body, shoulder bag and backpack
Can also be displayed as an art object
Individually handmade in China
Reference No. CX23U0104001


Jabari is a King cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus), an ultra-rare breed of cheetah found only in sub-Saharan Africa. Originally thought to be a separate subspecies- the King cheetah, known to be among the rarest animals on Earth, is an African cheetah that features successive genes. This naturally occurring color variation creates (usually) three distinctive stripes along the back and large blotchy coat patterns instead of the usual rounded spots.


It all began with Jabari, which forms the design oeuvre of the iCONS+ Series. Jabari is a masculine given name, derived from Swahili jabari meaning "brave (one)", which is from the Arabic word جَبَّار (jabbār), meaning "ruler”. I intentionally chose this name because it is one of the most vital characters (among many others) that I need to overcome the unpredictable setbacks and constant self-doubts that I have been having since the creation of CUiRASÉX in 2020- in the midst of global pandemic that filled the world with uncharted uncertainties and raucous reckonings.


iCONS+, the first conceptual product line under the CUiRASÉX brand, is the product of my forty two years of putting my interests on display in proximity to one another. It consists of thirteen anthropomorphic handbags that have been recontextualized as mini-sculptures crafted from leather, oozing with vibrant colors, precious leather, and polished metal fittings, mingling dark subject matters with fantasy and humor.


Seemingly uncomplicated, each iCONS+ in the series is symbolic and metaphorical, incorporating various thought-provoking subject matters using content, color, and designs from across continents, cultures, and generations to evoke emotion and represent beliefs and ideas. Collectively, these thirteen whimsical and meaningfully idiosyncratic iCONS+ pieces are my personal process of self-discovery and abstract reinterpretation of the physical world.


Challenging and unpredictable are the words that would sum up the general sentiment about the conditions in which I am and will be operating in the year ahead. This inaugural project, in its essence, is about the idea of working within boundaries and the ability to explore novel ways of creative expression in the face of abounding environmental, societal and economical turbulences. It is about stepping back to self-reflect, about being radically honest and absolutely transparent. Cheetahs are a symbol of courage, strength and victory. Jabari is a reminder to myself to be cautiously optimistic, open-minded and brave in the face of uncharted uncertainties.